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Arbitrators who wish to remain on HKIAC’s Panel and List of Arbitrators are required to attend a total of 5 hours training each year.  The requirement will be fulfilled by attending one of the following options:

  • one full day (5 hours),
  • two half-day (2.5 hours each),  or
  • five lunch seminars (1 hour each)  

Arbitrators must keep an up-to-date record of their completed training by completing a Form ATR.  

The training must be organised or recognized by HKIAC.  They do not need to be CPD-accredited.  HKIAC will recognise training organised by known and reputable arbitration or educative bodies.   It is up to arbitrators to ensure that the training they attend is organized or recognised by HKIAC. If there is any question as to whether a training meets this requirement, please contact

For information about upcoming HKIAC training workshops and events please click here.

The arbitrator training requirement is regularly reviewed by the Appointments Committee.  HKIAC also retains the right to amend any deadline for compliance of the requirement.

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