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HKIAC Chinese Arbitration Insights Webinar Series

The HKIAC Chinese Arbitration Insights webinar series covers key developments relevant to users of arbitration where there is a Mainland Chinese element...Read more

22 Apr 2021 to 23 Jul 2021

HKIAC The Virtual Brown Bag Series - Let's Talk Arbitration

HKIAC has launched a new virtual roundtable discussion series - The Virtual Brown Bag Series - Let's Talk Arbitration. The events have been hosted for key practitioners and users in the Philippines, India, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Latin America to date.

The purpose of this Brown Bag Series is to engage with leading practitioners, users and industry experts about their experience and expertise in cross -border disputes and current topics of interest specific to their region.

HKIAC looks forward to engaging more members of the business and arbitration community around the globe.


If you are interested to participate, please contact us via more

15 Apr 2021 to 27 Aug 2021

Role of Experts and How to Manage Expert Witnesses

Expert evidence is frequently used in disputes when an independent third-party assessment of a specialist professional area is relevant to the outcome of a dispute.Read more

14 Apr 2021

HKIAC Webinar Series: 24 March

Interpretation and understanding of Liquidated Damages, Guarantees, and Bond Calling
(Korean language)

When it comes to limiting exposure to the inherent risks of construction projects, parties, both Employer and Contractor, utilize time-tested tools such as liquidated damages, guarantees, and bonds...

Read more
24 Mar 2021

Recent developments in Asia - Spain - LatAm dispute resolution

Join this webinar organised by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and the Madrid International Arbitration Center (MIAC) to get updated on recent developments in dispute resolution involving Asian, Spainish and Latin American commercial parties. This webinar will feature the following key developments:

  • Trends in international commerce and arbitration between Asia, Spain and Latin America based parties
  • Interim measures and enforcement involving PRC parties
  • Recent Spanish constitutional court rulings regarding the limits of public order
  • Read more
09 Mar 2021

The Two E’s: The Efficiency and Effectiveness of International Arbitration with HKIAC

We invite you to a webinar on “The Two E’s: The Efficiency and Effectiveness of International Arbitration with HKIAC”, where arbitration specialists will share techniques and practical tips to consider at key stages of international arbitration.Read more

03 Mar 2021

Capture the latest Greater Bay Area opportunities with Hong Kong as your arbitration hub

Key Discussion Points:

  • Seizing opportunities and navigating risk in the Greater Bay Area
  • Hong Kong's unique advantages as an arbitration hub
  • Stories of ASEAN companies leveraging Hong Kong's arbitration platform
  • Read more
03 Mar 2021

Green Protocols Asia-Pacific Workshop

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations is an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of international arbitrations. A dedicated Working Group began work on a set of protocols in mid-2020 and considered all aspects of international arbitration. In doing so they identified a number of areas where each stakeholder could significantly improve behaviours to reduce their environmental footprint.

Six Protocols and a Framework have been drafted addressing the various activities carried out by the arbitration community. A series of workshops will be conducted to gather stakeholder feedback. As a member of the Steering Committee, HKIAC is pleased to host the Asia-Pacific workshop...Read more

25 Feb 2021

Halliburton: problem solved – or problems created?

Together with 4 Pump Court, we are pleased to invite you to join our panel of experts as we look at the background to the Supreme Court judgement in Halliburton v Chubb and the implications and issues arising from the decision...Read more

19 Feb 2021


HKIAC洞察 - 提起域名投诉之第三要素:“恶意”行为
(Chinese language)

专家组在审理案件时如何判定被投诉人的注册恶意以及使用恶意?遇到反向域名劫持,商标持有人应如何制定策略?Read more
09 Nov 2020

The Virtual Kaplan Lecture 2020: Omnipotence Fantasies

You are cordially invited to attend the annual Kaplan Lecture, delivered by Jan Paulsson.

Registration: 5:30PM - 6:00PM
Lecture: 6:00PM - 7:15PM

CPD points pending approval.Read more

09 Nov 2020


"International Commercial Mediation in Asia: The Essentials for the Way Forward"

Leading legal professionals, mediators, scholars from all over the world will take part in six thematic Webinars (via Zoom) on cutting-edge issues.Read more

27 Oct 2020 to 30 Oct 2020


HKIAC洞察 - 提起域名投诉之第二要素:域名持有人的“权利或合法利益”
(Chinese language)

商标注册时间晚于争议域名注册时间是否无法证明对争议域名享有权益而举证责任又在于哪一方?专家组在审理案件时如何判定在先使用权?Read more
26 Oct 2020

2020 Hong Kong Arbitration Week

Coming to its 9th year, the Hong Kong Arbitration Week has taken its place in the global calendar of "Must Attend Events" for arbitration practitioners in Asia and worldwide. 

2020 HK Arb Week Programme will include...Read more

19 Oct 2020 to 23 Oct 2020
Hong Kong


HKIAC洞察 - 提起域名投诉之第一要素:“相同或者混淆性相似”
(Chinese language)

HKIAC作为投诉人提起域名投诉的经验分享?专家组在审理案件时如何判定CNDRP政策下未在中国内地注册的名称或标志是否在中国内地享有民事权益? UDRP/CNDRP/HKDRP域名政策下第一要素的证明是否相同?Read more
12 Oct 2020


(Chinese language)

加入本次线上研讨会,了解如何通过域名争议解决政策保护品牌。届时,香港国际仲裁中心将分享其在域名争议解决领域为期20年的实践经验。在2019年HKIAC 受理的域名案件中,95%的域名裁决结果为争议域名被转移到至投诉人。Read more
28 Sep 2020


HKIAC for Resolving Gaming and IP Disputes
(Korean language)

This webinar will take a look at major issues arising out of the gaming disputes and benefits of arbitrating these disputes with HKIAC.Read more

23 Sep 2020


Challenging a domain name, HKIAC Insights part three: Acting in “bad faith” 
(English language)

This webinar is particularly relevant for those who are facing immediate questions about seeking funding for a claim, how best to maximise recovery, and how existing funding arrangements might be affected by COVID-19.Read more

14 Sep 2020


HKIAC’s Measures for an Efficient Construction Arbitration – and Paving the Road to Settlement 
(Korean language)

This webinar will focus on how HKIAC measures can improve efficiency and decrease costs in resolving complex international construction disputes and how to best reach a successful settlement.Read more

09 Sep 2020


Challenging a domain name, HKIAC Insights part two: A domain name holder’s “rights or legitimate interests”
(English language)

This webinar will explore in detail the factors that may be taken into account when assessing the fair use of a domain name, how prior use rights operate, and who holds the burden of proof. The webinar will focus on UDRP, CNDRP, and HKDRP proceedings.Read more

31 Aug 2020

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