Notice of Arbitration

Answer to the Notice of Arbitration

Single Arbitration under Multiple Contracts

  • Art. 29 sets out the requirements which must be satisfied for claims under multiple contracts to be brought in the same proceedings unless otherwise agreed by the parties. Subject to the parties’ agreement, Art. 29 will only apply to arbitrations commenced in accordance with arbitration agreements concluded after 1 November 2013 (see Art. 1.4).

Interim Measures of Protection and Emergency Relief


HKIAC’s Administrative Fees

Fees and Expenses of the Arbitral Tribunal

Lien on Awards

Number of Arbitrators

Jurisdictional Questions

Expedited Procedure

Consolidation of Arbitrations

Joinder of Additional Parties

  • Art. 27: a party wishing to join an additional party to the arbitration, or a third party wishing to be joined as an additional party, must submit a Request for Joinder to HKIAC (see Arts 27.3 and 27.6). Where HKIAC receives a Request for Joinder before the date on which the arbitral tribunal is confirmed, HKIAC may decide whether, prima facie, the additional party is bound by an arbitration agreement under the Rules giving rise to the arbitration. If so, HKIAC may join the additional party to the arbitration (see Art. 27.8). See flowchart "Joining an Additional Party Under the 2013 HKIAC Rules."

Appointment of a Sole Arbitrator

Parties have failed to jointly appoint the sole arbitrator

Parties have jointly appointed the sole arbitrator

Qualifications of the Arbitral Tribunal

Appointment of Three Arbitrators

1. Appointment of Co-Arbitrators

2. Appointment of Presiding Arbitrator

Confirmation of Co-Arbitrator and Presiding Arbitrator

Qualifications of the Arbitral Tribunal

Challenge Procedure

Conduct of the Arbitration

Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal

Seat of Arbitration

Provisional Timetable

Statement of Claim

Statement of Defence

Further Written Statements

  • Art. 20: the arbitral tribunal will decide which further written statements (if any, in addition to the Statement of Claim and the Statement of Defence) will be required from the parties or may be presented by them and will set the time period for their submission. 


Hearings (Expedited Procedure)

Closure of Proceedings

  • Art. 30.1: when it is satisfied that the parties have had a reasonable opportunity to present their case, the arbitral tribunal will declare the proceedings closed. Thereafter, no further submission or argument may be made, or evidence produced. The arbitral tribunal may re-open the proceedings before the award is made in exceptional circumstances (see Art. 30.2).


Within 30 days after receipt of the award, any party may request the tribunal to: