Precautionary measures at HKIAC in response to Covid-19

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Precautionary measures at HKIAC in response to COVID-19

(updated as of 18 October 2022)

The health and safety of guests and staff at the Centre is of top priority to us and we have put in place precautionary measures in light of the COVID-19 situation. Subject to these measures, HKIAC’s premises at Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong remain operational and accessible for hearings and meetings. Parties may also consider using HKIAC’s virtual hearing services, details of which can be found here.

HKIAC's precautionary measures 

  • All guests must scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application upon arrival at HKIAC, must be fully vaccinated, and are also required to complete a rapid antigen test (RAT) taken on the same day, and present a photo of the negative result;
  • HKIAC has implemented increased cleaning/sterilisation of impacted parts of the Centre;
  • All HKIAC front-line service staff will wear face-masks at all times;
  • All HKIAC staff will maintain high standards of personal hygiene which includes frequent hand-washing (with sterilising soaps), compulsory when returning from outside of the office or after contact with a person or public surfaces.

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