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21 Sep 2015

Venue: the Centre for Common law, Law School of Renmin University, Beijing, China.

The Law Society of England and Wales, in partnership with the Great Britain-China Centre and Renmin University, will host a seminar at the Centre for Common Law to promote the value and principles of the English legal system.

This seminar sets out to explore the practical applications of English law in international transactions involving parties from both common law jurisdictions and civil law countries such as China, with a particular focus on how English law can be applied to the benefit of international investment and trade.

This high level event will feature participation from senior legal services stakeholders and UK government as part of the EFD programme. We are expecting an audience of around 120 private practitioners, academics and in-house lawyers to attend. Closing remarks will made by a UK Minister and the event will be followed by a networking reception.

Registration will open shortly. For more information please visit https://events.lawsociety.org.uk/


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