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30 Jul 2016

The New Arbitration Act has potential to enhance investor confidence in India; however, it is essential to understand the implications of the Act. To help external and internal counsel familiarise themselves with the new features of this Act, develop necessary skills to overcome challenges and gain valuable insights into this exciting area of practice we have arranged an exclusive seminar on July 30, 2016, at Hotel St. Regis, Mumbai. Among the highlights of this seminar is the keynote on India’s arbitration landscape to be delivered by Hon’ble Justice AK Sikri, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Justice Ajit Prakash Shah, Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court and Former Chairman, Law Commission of India.

Key Discussions :

·         Amendment to Arbitration Act- Did we miss the bus?

·         Emergency Arbitration in India - How can we make it work?

·         12 Months rule of passing awards - Is it realistic?

·         Investment Treaty Arbitration - "Used or Abused"

·         Ad hoc Arbitration - Is it the End?

·         Expert Testimony in Arbitration - Does it really aid the tribunal.

·         Has the New York Convention outlined its utility - Is there a case to reinstating it.

·         Confidentiality and Transparency rule book - Can they be the game changers in arbitration. 

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