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A Glimpse of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

The talk aims at providing an introduction to the basic concepts of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (PDPO).

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29 Sep 2015
Hong Kong

HKIB Banking Conference 2015

With the theme "Reshaping Banking For the New Normal", this year’s HKIB Annual Banking Conference will look at how banks can prepare for these challenges and find a new formula to obtain sustainable, resilient growth. With a main plenary session in the morning and specialized streams in the afternoon, the event is specifically tailored for mid-senior level banking professionals looking for macro views and actionable takeaways. This flagship event will attract over 600 delegates including bankers from Mainland China and Macau.Read more

25 Sep 2015
Hong Kong

International Arbitration and Economic Sanctions

This event provides an open forum for the sharing of experience/practices amongst experienced arbitrators and counsel (both external and in-house) in relation to International Arbitration and economic sanctions. Representative of the public sector will attend as well which will make this event unique. There shall be no publication of the conference proceedings and Chatham House Rules will apply.Read more

23 Sep 2015 to 24 Sep 2015

English law day in Beijing

The Law Society of England and Wales, in partnership with the Great Britain-China Centre and Renmin University, will host a seminar at the Centre for Common Law to promote the value and principles of the English legal system.

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21 Sep 2015

IFLR India M&A Forum 2015

IFLR is pleased to announce the IFLR India M&A Forum taking place in Mumbai on September 10 2015.

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20 Sep 2015
Hong Kong

What Makes a Good Commercial Mediator

The Commercial Mediation Interest Group of the HKMC is delighted to host a seminar on mediation and is most honored to have Dr. Christopher To to share his thoughts with us.

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09 Sep 2015
Hong Kong

The Straw that Stirs the Drink

Governing Law in International Commercial Arbitration

The presentation will address some of the practical issues in choosing between English law and New York law – told from the perspective of a lawyer/advocate who has practiced in both systems – as well as some other frequently-used candidates for governing law.

This event is now FULL HOUSE. If you are interested in joining, please email We will send a confirmation email should spaces become available.


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14 Aug 2015
Hong Kong

The Solution of Internet Litigation

Over the course of 21st century, the Internet continues to expand into daily lives of millions people. The threshold legal question of Internet litigation is being brought out by the investors. We will explain the development and the nature of Intellectual property protection, particularly in China, and analyzes the solution.

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12 Aug 2015
Hong Kong

Young International Mediation Competition

Open to law students from around the world, competitors will be assessed on their skills as client representatives AND as mediators, with two days training at the beginnning of the competition with very experienced mediators this exciting new competition will give students a new insight into the practice and disciplines of mediation.

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03 Aug 2015 to 07 Aug 2015
Hong Kong

AMINZ Conference 2015

Held in New Zealand's capital, Wellington, from 23 - 25 July, 2015, and with the theme, " New Horizons", the conference promises a stimulating three days, with an add-on seminar on rural matters at the start of conference and a seminar with Dr John Sturrock QC the day after conference ends.

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23 Jul 2015 to 25 Jul 2015
New Zealand

International Arbitration in East Asia

In collaboration with the Taiwan Bar Association, HKIAC will present a half-day workshop to walk you through some of the most common issues in relation to arbitration in East Asia. We will be joined by a team of international and local dispute resolution experts who will tool you up with the necessary skills and techniques to manage arbitrations, emergency arbitrator procedures, and enforcement proceedings in East Asia.

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17 Jul 2015

The Arts and Science of Negotiation & Mediation

This CPD talk will be a heartfelt sharing of Ms Chih's experience in negotiation/mediation. It is suitable for all legal practitioners, mediators, businessmen, executives/administrators who have to engage in business or legal negotiation/mediation to attend.

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11 Jul 2015
Hong Kong

Practical Tips on Commercial Mediation Series (2)

The Commercial Mediation Interest Group of the HKMC is delighted to host a seminar on mediation and arbitration and is most honored to have two experienced speakers in both fields to share their thoughts with us.

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10 Jul 2015
Hong Kong

HKIAC Mid-Year Celebration 2015

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary with Friends of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.Read more

07 Jul 2015
Hong Kong

International Marketplace 2015: Going Global

Register now for the Law Society of England and Wales' annual International Marketplace conference on 1 July in London. The international legal services market is forecast to be worth £450bn in 2015 with ever increasing opportunities for law firms of all shapes, sizes and locations, from the biggest corporates to high street practitioners to firms outside the traditional legal hubs.Read more

01 Jul 2015
United Kingdom

Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery Asia

C5’s unrivalled reputation in Civil Fraud events, Fraud, Asset Tracing and Recovery Asia will bring together the leading lawyers, regulatory experts and forensic accountants for this networking and learning event.

10% discount to The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre members when you use booking code “HKIAC10”Read more

23 Jun 2015 to 24 Jun 2015
Hong Kong

HK - common AND civil? Have your cake and eat it too!

What are the differences between civil and common law? How do they impact arbitration proceedings? Why is Hong Kong a predestined seat for parties from civil law and common law backgrounds alike?Read more

23 Jun 2015
Hong Kong

Corporate Counsel Forum Hong Kong

Join over 200 senior in-house professionals and hear from our Chairwoman Gill Meller, Legal Director and Secretary of MTR Corporation and a line-up of top specialists from Yihaodian, AIG, ACE and more, who will share their expertise and knowledge on the most important legal developments in the region. To find out more details and to view the programme please visit: www.ccf-hongkong.comRead more

18 Jun 2015
Hong Kong

How to “Build a Golden Bridge”

Consequent to the Civil Justice Reform launched in April 2009, the use of mediation had been further extended to cover all civil cases in High Court and District Court. Ms Lam was appointed to the current role with the key responsibility of executing the reform through the establishment of the Mediation Information Office in the Judiciary.Read more

18 Jun 2015

The Emergence of Codes of Conduct and Ethics

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in how parties and counsel conduct themselves in international arbitration. Powerful voices have warned that if the arbitration community does not effectively regulate itself then regulation will be imposed. Responses to this challenge have included explicit provisions in the LCIA Arbitration Rules, guidelines promulgated by the International Bar Association, proposals for a global ethics tribunal, admonitions to behave more responsibly—and vocal opposition to doing anything at all.Read more

16 Jun 2015
Hong Kong

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