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The Kaplan Lecture 2018

Is the Age of Arbitration in International Law Drawing to a Close?

You are cordially invited to attend the annual Kaplan Lecture, delivered by Sir Christopher Greenwood GBE, CMG, QC.

Since March 2018, Christopher Greenwood has been a Judge of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal and an international arbitrator. Prior to his appointment to the Tribunal, he was a Judge of the International Court of Justice from 2009 to February 2018. Before his election to the Court, he was Professor of International Law at the London School of Economics and a practising barrister who regularly argued cases about international law before international and English courts.

His publications include over 100 volumes of the International Law Reports (including some 80 volumes as Joint Editor with the late Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC), a collection of essays – Essays on War in International Law (2006) – and numerous articles. He is currently working on a tenth edition of Oppenheim’s International Law. He has sat as an arbitrator in many investment cases and in the arbitration between Mauritius and the United Kingdom regarding the Chagos Islands. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1999, made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) for services to public international law in 2002 and knighted in 2009. In June 2018 he was appointed Knight Grand Cross (GBE) for services to international justice in Her
Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. He is an Honorary Fellow of Magdalene College and of the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law and an associate of the Institut de droit international.

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21 Nov 2018
Hong Kong

Effective Dispute Resolution for the Maritime Industry

In 2017, Hong Kong was ranked one of the top five largest shipping registers globally. Renowned for its heritage, vibrancy and strategically located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong leads as an international maritime hub. This is set to continue given China’s focus on the use of its sea ports to connect regions across Asia, Africa and Europe through the Belt and Road Initiative. Given the volume of ships trading worldwide, economic and political fluctuations, and increased investment in the sector, the potential for disputes is high. An important step in risk management is having a well-drafted dispute resolution clause. Join our lunch talk where shipping experts will share their insights on issues that commonly lead to maritime disputes and why an effective dispute resolution clause is essential in protecting business interests in these uncharted waters.

Topics include: 

• Assessing risk in the maritime industry
• Key considerations when drafting dispute resolution clauses
• Practical issues when handling maritime disputes


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19 Nov 2018
Hong Kong

Evolution and the Discoverability of In-House Counsel Communications

In some countries, in-house counsel communications are privileged. In others, they are not. The question that comes up is whether in-house counsel communications should be treated as privileged in international arbitration. Darwin’s theory of natural selection may suggest the answer.

Join Jennifer Kirby as she discusses the evolution and the privilege rules regarding in-house counsel communications.

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12 Nov 2018
Hong Kong

"Opportunities for Sino-Amercian Commercial Mediation: resolving commercial disputes in the current political climate"

This event is organised by Hong Kong Mediation Council and JAMS for Mediators, lawyers, other professionals, business executives or anyone interested in mediation

Recent politics between the United States and Mainland China has had repercussions on Sino-American investment and trade. But these two countries remain the two most important economies in the world and Sino-American commerce will continue. What does the current political climate mean for those of us on the front-lines, doing business between America and China?

This discussion brings together experts in commercial dispute resolution from both the United States and Hong Kong to discuss change brought about by the current political climate and its impact on ADR practitioners, lawyers and business executives engaged in Sino-American commerce. What new opportunities exist for us? How can we get ourselves prepared to better appeal to clients? What challenges and pitfalls should we be aware of? And how can the Hong Kong business community position itself to manage the Sino-American political events taking place right now.Read more

30 Oct 2018

Hong Kong Arbitration Week 2018

Hong Kong Arbitration Week will take place between 29 October and 2 November. 

Now in its 7th year running, Hong Kong Arbitration Week has secured its reputation as a "Must Attend Event" in the global calendar for arbitration practitioners in Asia and worldwide. 

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29 Oct 2018 to 02 Nov 2018
Hong Kong

Pre-Dispute Strategy Workshop




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26 Oct 2018
Hong Kong

HKIAC Lunch Talk for Young Practitioners - Shenzhen

HKIAC Lunch Talk for Young Practitioners (HKIAC 青年午餐会) 提供平台供青年人与资深国际仲裁人士交流,探讨和思考国际仲裁相关问题。帮助提升青年人参与国际仲裁的能力。拓展青年人仲裁职业机会和渠道。



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25 Oct 2018


Arbitration Clause Negotiation Workshop




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16 Oct 2018

Effective Use of Commercial Dispute Resolution

The seminar is aimed at the legal and business community in Indonesia who are looking for a practical introduction on how best to use arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in commercial matters from the contract drafting stage to the enforcement of awards.

The seminar will be conducted by experienced international arbitrators, and arbitration practitioners from law firms and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC).

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10 Oct 2018

HKIAC Arbitration Workshop: Arbitrators Challenged

Arbitration laws and rules routinely provide for a mechanism to challenge arbitrators. While challenges to arbitrators are, at least in Hong Kong arbitration, not often sustained, any challenge made will disrupt proceedings, add delay and increase costs. Every arbitrator should, therefore, be keeping pace with the international standards and latest practice relevant to potential conflict of interests, duties of disclosure, typical challenge allegations and related procedures. This training will provide practical and informative insights into the latest developments in this area, with reference to the relevant practice at HKIAC and in Hong Kong-seated arbitration. The participants will also have an opportunity to exchange views with the trainers on practical issues arising from two real-life challenge scenarios.

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04 Oct 2018

3rd HKIAC Arbitration Workshop - Shanghai

Damages and costs in international arbitration

This half day workshop will explore the intricacies of calculating and proving damages in international arbitration.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Mustafa Hadi, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group
  • Brian McGinley, Partner, PwC
  • Catherine Mun, Partner, Li & Partners
  • Kathleen Paisley, Partner, Ambos Law
  • Ling Yang, Deputy Secretary-General, HKIAC

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28 Sep 2018

NEC4 seminar


The Contractor has reached the final stages of the fit out of the Ritts Krakhaa Hotel. The project is close to completion, and yet the parties are far apart on various elements of the account. The accounts are currently HKD 1 billion apart and relationships have deteriorated. The disputes involve major subcontract packages, extended time for completion and an allegation of a major defect.

This contract contains a Dispute Advisory Board (DAB). Does this method actually work? Can the disputes be effectively resolved this way? Is it possible for the relationships to survive and even improve between the parties?

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06 Sep 2018
Hong Kong

HKIAC Lunch Talk for Young Practitioners

Ariel Ye, Partner at King & Wood Mallesons is the guest speaker at our HKIAC Lunch Talk for Young Practitioners and will speak on The end of the land the beginning of the sea: How the young lawyers access to international arbitration.Read more

27 Jul 2018

HKIAC Arbitration Clause Negotiation Workshop – Yangon

HKIAC is organising its Arbitration Clause Negotiation Workshop in Yangon, Myanmar on 25 July 2018. This event is free of charge.


You are an in-house counsel, a contract manager, a transactional or dispute resolution lawyer. You have received a call from your management team or client at 6:30 p.m. asking you to finalise an arbitration agreement within a few hours before the deal is sealed. How do you secure the best possible arbitration agreement for your company or client, while bearing the business objectives in mind and making sure that the corporate policy is followed? What are the key drafting points you need to consider and what part of the arbitration agreement may be traded against other terms of the contract? 

For anyone who has faced these questions, we welcome you to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) Arbitration Clause Negotiation Workshop. The workshop will feature a real-time negotiation over an arbitration clause to be included in an agreement concerning a Chinese private equity fund’s investment in a joint venture through a Myanmar company. With the establishment of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, such questions are increasingly relevant for professionals in Myanmar.

For more information, please click here to view the flyer.Read more

25 Jul 2018

Public Working Group Session on HKIAC Rules Revision

In August 2017, the HKIAC Rules Revision Committee (the “Committee”) announced proposed amendments to the 2013 HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (the “Rules”) and launched a public consultation process inviting feedback from users and interest groups. HKIAC received numerous submissions from practitioners, arbitrators, in-house counsel, funders, government authorities and professional groups. The Committee has carefully considered all submissions and will release a new draft of the revised Rules for further consultation. To that end, HKIAC will host a public working group session to discuss the application of some of the new provisions proposed by the Committee against a case scenario. The session provides an opportunity for the legal and business communities in Hong Kong to have a direct discussion with the Committee on any of the proposed amendments.Read more

24 Jul 2018
Hong Kong

The effective use of commercial dispute resolution

The seminar is aimed at the legal and business community in Myanmar who are looking for a practical introduction on how best to use arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in commercial matters from the contract drafting stage to the commencement of proceedings.

The seminar will be conducted by experienced international arbitrators, and arbitration practitioners from law firms and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC).

Topics include:

  • Use of commercial arbitration
  • Arbitration practice in Hong Kong at HKIAC
  • Drafting effective dispute resolution clauses
  • Reviewing problematic dispute resolution clauses
  • Other forms of alternative dispute resolution

For more information, please click here to view the flyer.Read more

24 Jul 2018

2nd HKIAC Arbitration Workshops - Shanghai Series 2018

Effective cross-examination: using experts in international arbitration

This one day workshop will provide international arbitration practitioners with advanced skills and techniques to successfully conduct examination and cross-examination of experts in arbitration proceedings.

Topics include:

  • Role and the use of experts in international arbitration
  • Live demonstration: mock cross-examination
  • Interactive session: putting technique into practice

Confirmed speakers:

  • Desmond Ang, Sidley Austin
  • Mariel Dimsey, Shirley Lau & Co. LLP In association with CMS Hasche Sigle, Hong Kong LLP
  • Mustafa Hadi, Berkeley Research Group
  • Xiaoming Li, Han Kun Law Offce
  • Calvin Qiu, Berkeley Research Group
  • Ling Yang, HKIAC

To view flyer, please click here.Read more

05 Jul 2018

HKIAC青年午餐会 - Xiuming Tao


HKIAC Lunch Talk for Young Practitioners (HKIAC 青年午餐会) 提供平台供青年人与资深国际仲裁人士交流,探讨和思考国际仲裁相关问题。帮助提升青年人参与国际仲裁的能力。拓展青年人仲裁职业机会和渠道。



陶修明律师目前还担任中国银行间市场交易商协会下属金融衍生品专业委员会委员、认证专家委员会委员和法律专业委员会委员,中国银行业协会法律专家成员,中国保险资产管理业协会专家委员会委员,全国律师协会金融证券委员会委员。他还曾担任北京律师协会金融衍生品法律专业委员会主任(2012年以前),北京律协银行事务法律专业委员会副主任(2009年以前),以及国际掉期及衍生工具协会(ISDA)下属文件编制、担保及法律和监管等委员会委员(2009年以前)。Read more

29 Jun 2018
Hong Kong

Roundtable Discussion Series

The discussion will be jointly led by Matthew Gearing QC, Chairperson of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Huen Wong BBS, JP, Chairman of the Arbitration Committee and Past President of the Law Society of Hong Kong (LSHK).

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26 Jun 2018

Commercial and Investment Arbitration Training Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the general principles of arbitration and to explore in detail the role of the government in commercial and investment arbitrations. This closed workshop is tailored towards meeting the training needs of government representatives involved in any aspect of trade, finance, investment and foreign affairs. The workshop will be conducted by experienced international arbitration practitioners from law firms and arbitral institutions, and consists of short lectures and interactive discussion.

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26 Jun 2018

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