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Policy, Rules & Supplemental Rules

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Schedule Fees (RMB)

  1. The applicable fees for documents-only administrative procedure are specified as follows:
    PanelNumber of disputed KeywordTotal Fees (RMB)Administration FeeFee for Panelists
    Single Panelist1 8,000 4,000 4,000
    Single Panelist2 to 512,0006,0006,000
    Single Panelist6 to 10




    Single Panelist10 or more(to be determined by HKIAC)
    Three Panelists





    • Presiding Panelist: 4,000
    • Co-Panelist: 2,000
    Three Panelists2 to 5




    • Presiding Panelist: 6,000
    • Co-Panelist: 3,000

    Three Panelists

    6 to 1024,0009,000


    • Presiding Panelist: 7,000
    • Co-Panelist: 4,000
    Three Panelists10 or more

    (to be determined by HKIAC)


  1. The Complainant shall pay to the Centre an initial fixed fee, in accordance with these rules, within the time and in the amount required. A Respondent electing to have the dispute decided by a three-member Panel, rather than the single-member Panel elected by the Complainant, shall pay the Centre one-half the fixed fee for a three-member Panel. In all other cases, the Complainant shall bear all of the Centre's fees.
  1. No action shall be taken by the Centre on a complaint until it has received from the Complainant the initial fee in accordance with these Rules. If the Centre has not received the stipulated fees within eight (8) calendar days of receiving the complaint, the complaint shall be deemed withdrawn and the proceedings terminated.
  1. Fees to be paid to the Centre in accordance with the HKIAC Rules for Internet Keyword Dispute Resolution Policy may be paid by cash, cheque, telegraphic transfer or draft made payable to "Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre". Generally, all fees to be paid are in Chinese currency (RMB). If US Dollar is used, the exchange rate calculation shall be based on the current prevailing exchange rate.
  1. In exceptional circumstances, in the event the Panel, at the request of a party, determines that an in-person hearing is to be held, the Centre shall request the parties for the payment of additional fees, which shall be established in agreement with the Parties and the Panel.
  1. Said fees do not include any payments that may or may not have to be made to a lawyer representing a Party.
  1. All bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a payment made to the Centre shall be the responsibility of the Party making the payment.

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