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23 Feb 2021

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23 Feb 2021
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HKIAC Announces New Logo

As we enter the Year of the Ox, HKIAC is pleased to reveal its new logo. It represents our commitment to meaningful innovation and our role as a leader in modern dispute resolution. 

Much has changed since HKIAC’s logo was last updated a decade ago, and HKIAC has much to be proud of today as one of the world’s leading dispute resolution centres:

Record arbitration statistics

HKIAC recorded its largest arbitration caseload in over a decade in 2020. The total amount in dispute was also a record high since HKIAC began to publish this information in 2011 - HK$68.8 billion (approximately US$8.8 billion). HKIAC has led the practice in respect of applications under the HK-PRC Arrangement on Interim Measures having processed 37 applications valued at RMB 12.5 billion (approximately US$1.9 billion) since October 2019. Read more.

Market-leading arbitration rules

In 2008, HKIAC introduced the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (Rules). The Rules have been revised twice since then. The 2018 Rules are market-leading and can be strategically used to control costs and increase efficiency for complex disputes. The Rules introduce innovative procedures which set a new standard for global arbitration practice. Read more.

State-of-the-art hearing facilities

Since 2012 HKIAC has housed state-of-the-art hearing facilities and today offers comprehensive virtual hearing services regularly welcoming parties from across the globe either in person or online. Read more.

International governing bodies, standing committees and secretariat

HKIAC’s governing bodies and standing committees comprise leading practitioners, in-house counsel, academics, arbitrators, judges and industry experts from across the globe. Meet HKIAC’s leadership. HKIAC cases are handled by a multi-lingual and multi-cultural secretariat that provides high-quality case administration and tribunal secretary services. Meet the HKIAC team.

Commitment to improving our field of work

HKIAC has been active in improving diversity through its participation in the ICCA Task Force on Gender Diversity, launching Women in Arbitration, and signing the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge. HKIAC established HK45 to provide younger practitioners with a space to learn, network and develop in 2010. HKIAC is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of arbitration through its involvement in the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations.

10 years of Hong Kong Arbitration Week

Hong Kong was the first jurisdiction to host an arbitration week, ten years ago. In 2021, we will hold the 10th edition of Hong Kong Arbitration Week, from 25 to 28 October. HKIAC is proud to have welcomed thousands of guests to Hong Kong over the past decade and inspired so many others to bring communities together in their own jurisdictions.

HKIAC takes this opportunity to thank all those individuals who have contributed to HKIAC’s continued success since 1985. We look forward to serving the global dispute resolution community well into the future.

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