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HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules Revisited

31 October 2014

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) is pleased to announce the publication of the revised HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules (2014) (“Revised Domestic Rules” or "Revised Rules"), which will come into force on 1 November 2014. The Revised Rules amend and replace the Domestic Arbitration Rules (2012) and (1993) and are for use by parties seeking a set of formal and convenient procedures for ad hoc arbitration in Hong Kong. Where the parties wish to have a more structured arbitration, parties are advised to refer to the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules (2013).

The purpose of the Revised Domestic Rules is to provide a framework for the resolution of the widest possible range of domestic disputes through a procedure which is as short and inexpensive as practicable. The Revised Rules should not be used where the parties wish the seat of arbitration to be outside of Hong Kong.

The amendments included in the Revised Rules draw on users’ feedback to further strengthen HKIAC’s services to parties and professionals and ensure the rules continue to reflect the very best of modern industry practice in Hong Kong. Like the 2012 HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules which came into effect on 2 April 2012, the changes made in the Revised Domestic Rules continue to mirror the structure of the Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance and provide greater clarity for users.

Please click the following links to access information about the 2014 HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules:

All arbitrations commenced after the commencement date of these Rules, 1 November 2014, relating to existing contracts which refer to arbitration under the Domestic Arbitration Rules will be resolved under the HKIAC Domestic Arbitration Rules (2014).


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