Rising Global Stars: Understanding the Asia-LatAm Trade Relationship

首頁活動Rising Global Stars: Understanding the Asia-LatAm Trade Relationship

Trade and investment between Asia and Latin America has been deepening over the last decade. Today the strong economic ties between the two rapidly growing regions play an important role in supporting the global economy. As transactions between Asian and Latin American parties are only set to increase, it has become ever important to better understand your Asian commercial partner.
The HKIAC continues its tour of the Americas and this time fittingly stops at the crossroads of the region, Miami, to explore the Northeast Asia-Latin America commercial relationship.
This seminar looks to identify the key players in this growing relationship and to provide insights on how best to strike a deal and mitigate risk with Chinese, Korean & Japanese counterparties in the energy and technology sectors. From deal to dispute our experienced speakers hope to provide an overview of the important points to note from both sides of the globe.