Cross Border Contracts & Arbitration

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This Cross Border Contracts & Arbitration intensive training is focusing on cross border contract challenges and solutions by determining the accurate arbitration clause that needed to be included.

Attend this Informative Event and Gain Insights into:

  • Adopting the relevant International Arbitration procedure
  • Addressing the diversity in governing law and making it into an advantage
  • Developing an in-depth perspective of Arbitration to stay ahead in your fast changing business world
  • Discussing the frequent challenges and ways to avoid them
  • Providing the most thorough analysis with regards to cross border contract in terms of forecasting the expected needs of the business nature
  • Eliminating Ambiguity in contracts can lead to misinterpretation which can lead to non completion of work and costly disputes
  • Determining the suitable venue for arbitral proceedings based upon the governing law


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