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Available in HKIAC administered and ad hoc arbitrations

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The HKIAC Secretariat is composed of qualified counsel and deputy counsel, who are admitted to multiple jurisdictions, educated at top universities, speak multiple languages and have experience in international commercial and investment arbitrations. To view profiles of the Secretariat's legal staff, click here.

Members of the HKIAC Secretariat are available to act as tribunal secretary in the following types of arbitrations seated in or outside of Hong Kong:

  1. arbitrations administered by HKIAC under all versions of the HKIAC Administered Arbitration Rules or UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules; and
  2. ad hoc arbitrations;

An arbitral tribunal that wishes to appoint an HKIAC counsel as a secretary should send a written request to HKIAC at its address, facsimile number or email address below:

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
38th Floor, Two Exchange Square
8 Connaught Place
Hong Kong S.A.R.

Telephone: +852 2525 2381
Fax: +852 2524 2171

HKIAC has issued Guidelines on the Use of a Secretary to the Arbitral Tribunal (Guidelines), which took effect on 1 June 2014. The Guidelines can be adopted by parties to arbitrations administered by HKIAC or in other cases, and contain guidance on the appointment, challenge, duties and remuneration of tribunal secretaries.

To view the HKIAC Guidelines on Use of Secretary to Arbitral Tribunal click here.

In HKIAC administered arbitrations in which a member of the Secretariat is appointed as tribunal secretary, another staff member will be appointed as case manager.

Where the arbitral tribunal’s fees are determined on an hourly basis, HKIAC will charge the rates listed below for its tribunal secretary service:

Hourly rate (HKD)
Managing Counsel or other senior staff
Deputy Counsel


Where the arbitral tribunal’s fees are determined based on the amount in dispute, the fees for HKIAC’s tribunal secretary service will be paid out of the tribunal’s fees.

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