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Hear what our users are saying about HKIAC virtual hearing services 

Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS | Arbitrator, Arbitration Chambers

"The Covid-19 pandemic has required parties to engage much more pro-actively with virtual hearing technology. HKIAC has the technology and the staff to enable parties and tribunals to transform their traditional in-person hearings to full or partial virtual arbitrations. This leads to cost and efficiency benefits and shows how technology and institutional support can lessen the environmental impact of our work."


Dr Michael Moser Arbitrator, Twenty Essex

"Virtual hearings raise a host of issues for parties and tribunals, both technical and procedural, that physical hearings do not. These need to be dealt with early and by establishing clear protocols. By virtue of the high demand for its virtual hearing services during the COVID-19 pandemic, HKIAC has been able to help parties and tribunals navigate those issues."


Kathryn Sanger Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

"This new normal means parties have to be flexible and pragmatic. Importantly, parties should contact institutions like HKIAC as soon as possible. HKIAC has a helpful online enquiry form and HKIAC staff, with combined legal and IT know-how, follow up quickly to discuss the options and provide practical solutions."


Doug Jones AO Arbitrator, Atkin Chambers

"The e-hearing service provided by HKIAC in collaboration with Epiq was integral to the success of a recent two-day virtual evidentiary hearing in which I sat as presiding arbitrator. HKIAC provided ongoing technical support leading up to and during the hearing. They were flexible with testing different video conferencing platforms and back up options, and worked across time zones. I commend the HKIAC for sharing its new Guidelines for Virtual Hearings. It is a user-friendly resource which shows how it is possible to create a seamless virtual hearing experience."


Chiann Bao Arbitrator, Arbitration Chambers

"HKIAC's experience as both an adminstrator of arbitrations as well as a host for hearings makes it uniquely placed to seamlessly take an arbitration from beginning to end, even in emergency circumstances."


Sebastian Hughes Arbitrator, Prince's Chambers

"Many thanks to HKIAC for hosting a seamless virtual hearing. There were no technical issues and the quality of the video feed of the expert witness (based in Ohio) was excellent. This was the first time I have conducted a virtual hearing without a single connection problem. HKIAC and its helpful, friendly and professional staff are to be commended for providing a first rate virtual hearing experience."


Christopher Moger QC | Arbitrator, 4 Pump Court

“I cannot commend HKIAC working in combination with Epiq too highly for their seamless management of a virtual hearing in which I was engaged recently – a hearing which involved all the features of a full hearing: broad time zones, witness evidence, interpreters, counsel and arbitrators from different continents, a Tribunal Secretary, live transcript, and live document display. It was a pleasant surprise to me to discover how simple and effective the process was to manage from my home office during lockdown in the UK.”

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