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A division of HKIAC to promote the development and use of mediation

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The Hong Kong Mediation Council will be renamed as the Hong Kong International Mediation Society ("HKIMS").  Please stay tuned for more information in due course.


Origins of the Council

The Hong Kong Mediation Council (HKMC) was set up within the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) in January 1994 to promote the development and use of mediation as a method of resolving disputes. The HKMC is a division of the HKIAC and was previously known as the Mediation Interest Group.


What are our aims?

The Hong Kong Mediation Council is committed to:

  • promoting the development and use of mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • encouraging collaboration amongst its members and with similar institutions or professional bodies
  • facilitating exchange of information and ideas in relation to mediation and other forms of ADR
  • training mediators and educating users


What are our activities?

  • holding seminars and meetings on various aspects of mediation and other forms of ADR
  • publishing newsletters
  • co-ordinating the development of mediation through its various interest-groups, (commercial, construction, general, family sector)


Structure of the Council

The Council is run by a committee responsible for coordinating activities and promoting the use of mediation in a wide variety of areas. In addition, there are mediation interest groups concentrating their mediation activities in specialist areas.


Hong Kong Mediation Council Committee Members (session 2019-2020)

LING Chun WaiChairman
TO Wing ChristopherImmediate Past Chairman
SIN Kar Yu JodyVice-Chairperson
SIU WinstonVice-Chairman
CHAN Ho Ting MacCommittee Member
LAM Wai Pan WilsonCommittee Member
LAI Yun Yee LilyCommittee Member
LO StanleyCommittee Member
LUK DavidCommittee Member
MA So So JosephineCommittee Member
STARGARDT JulianCommittee Member
SUM RonaldCommittee Member
TO KenCommittee Member
YUE Sze Hung BeginlaCommittee Member


Chairpersons of the Mediation Interest Groups

The Hong Kong Mediation Council has active mediation interest groups in the areas of:

Interest GroupChairperson
Commercial MediationLUK David & MA So So Josephine
Construction MediationLO Stanley
Family MediationSIU Winston
General MediationCHAN Ho Ting Mac & YUE Sze Hung Beginla


To find out more information about the activities of the various mediation interest groups, please contact the Chairpersons of the various interest groups by email adr@hkiac.org.

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