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An wholly-owned-subisidry of HKIAC to promote the development and use of mediation

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Our History

Hong Kong Mediation Council Limited (HKMCL) was the first professional group in Hong Kong to convene a community of professionals, corporate counsel, and law firms to develop a culture of mediation to avoid the high cost of litigation. 

Established in January 1994, HKMCL was initially known as the Mediation Interest Group and was set up as a division within the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). As of 6 October 2022, HKMCL has been incorporated as a wholly-owned-subsidiary of HKIAC.

Our Vision and Mission 

We seek to help the community resolve disputes so that they can focus their efforts in furthering their goals. Our mission is to offer an international mediation centre in Hong Kong and to cultivate a culture of mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution so that ADR is accessible and comprehensible to everyone.

What We Do

Nearly 30 years later, we continue to lead as the Asian industry pioneer in developing the field of ADR. We do this by:

  • Facilitating dialogues with international ADR organisations for information exchange.
  • Organising international seminars and conferences to engage leading international ADR practitioners with the Asian community.
  • Participating in international conferences to represent regional views.
  • Assisting governments in building a comprehensive ADR system.
  • Offering cutting-edge training programs to corporations and individuals on the latest ADR thoughts and techniques.

Our Organisation

Our board of directors, led by Chairperson Christopher To, is responsible for the strategic planning and overseeing of HKMCL. The day-to-day activities are managed by our three divisions: General Mediation, Construction Mediation, and Family Mediation.

Board of Directors

TO ChristopherChairperson
MA JosephineVice-Chairperson
LO StanleyVice-Chairperson
HO ThomasHonorary Treasurer
CHAN Ho Ting MacDirector
CHAN EdwinDirector
LAI JackyDirector
LAM WilsonDirector
LUK DavidDirector
SUM RonaldDirector


Sector-Specific Professional Mediation Groups

Professional Mediation GroupsChairperson
Commercial MediationLAI Jacky
Construction MediationHO Daniel
Family MediationMA Josephine

For more information, please contact us by email mediation@hkiac.org.

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