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HKIAC and HK45 Webinar Series 

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8 April 2020 Reflections on 2019 and Responses to 2020 (English) WATCH NOW
15 April 2020仲裁条款起草的核心要点 (Dos and Don'ts of Drafting Arbitration Clauses) (Mandarin)WATCH NOW
22 April 2020Hong Kong-Mainland China Interim Measures Arrangement: A Game Changer (English)WATCH NOW
29 April 2020

홍콩-중국 대륙 임시 조치: 게임 체인저 (Hong Kong-Mainland China Interim Measures: A Game Changer) (Korean)

6 May 2020Dos and Don'ts of Drafting Arbitration Clauses (English)WATCH NOW
8 May 2020HK45:  Can Virtual Hearings Actually Work? (English) WATCH NOW
13 May 2020코로나19 – 한국 제조 산업에 영향 분석과 법적 및 실무적인 대응 조치 방안 (Disruption of Supply Chain Manufacturing Industry and Force Majeure in the Wake of COVID-19) (Korean)WATCH NOW
15 May 2020 Virtual hearings: How best to proceed? HKIAC insights (English)WATCH NOW
20 May 2020如何在HKIAC的案件中申请保全 (How to apply for Interim Measures in HKIAC arbitrations) (Mandarin)WATCH NOW
27 May 2020

건설프로젝트 분쟁 대응방안 및 기피방안 (Dispute Avoidance Measures in Construction Projects) (Korean)

8 June 2020Protecting your domain name: HKIAC insights (English)WATCH NOW
10 June 2020

중재 조항 작성시 해야 할 것과 하지 말아야 할 것 Dos and Don'ts of Drafting Arbitration Clauses (Korean) 

17 June 2020Developments in Russia: HKIAC’s PAI Status One Year On (English)
24 June 2020国际仲裁中的成本和费用:作为一种策略的考虑 (Strategies in International Arbitration: Costs and Fees) (Mandarin)WATCH NOW
26 June 2020HK45 Annual Update (English) WATCH NOW
8 July 2020The Belt and Road Initiative: HKIAC Insights (English)WATCH NOW
14 July 2020HK45:  Closing the Gate before the Horse has bolted (English) WATCH NOW
15 July 2020События в России: Статус Гонконгского Международного Арбиражного Центра (“HKIAC”) как Постоянно Действующего Aрбитражного Учреждения – Год Спустя (Developments in Russia: HKIAC's PAI Status One Year On) (Russian)WATCH NOW
30 July 2020NEW Funding Claims and Recovering Assets: HKIAC Insights (English)WATCH NOW

HKIAC Lecture Series 

1 March 2019

Inaugural HKIAC Annual Lecture:  "In Search of Efficiency:  When West Meets East" by Prof. Dr. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler


HKIAC and HK45 Interview Series

22 May 2020

HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with Sue Prevezer QC

12 June 2020HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with Liz ChungWATCH NOW
19 June 2020HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with Domitille BaizeauWATCH NOW
3 July 2020HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with Winnie Tam SC, JPWATCH NOW
13 July 2020NEW Sarah Grimmer in conversation with David W. RivkinWATCH NOW
17 July 2020HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with The Hon. Susan Crennan AC QCWATCH NOW
22 July 2020NEW Sarah Grimmer in conversation with Rimsky Yuen GBM, SC, JPWATCH NOW
31 July 2020NEW HK45 Virtual Fireside Chat with Meg Kinnear WATCH NOW


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