English Webinar

HKIAC Webinar Series

Reflections on 2019 and Respones to 2020Hong Kong-Mainland China Interim Measures Arrangement: A Game Changer

Dos and Don'ts of Drafting Arbitration ClausesVirtual Hearings: How Best to Proceed? HKIAC Insights

Protecting Your Domain Name: HKIAC InsightsDevelopments in Russia: HKIAC's PAL Status One Year On

The Belt and Road Initiative: HKIAC InsightsFunding Claims and Recoving Assets: HKIAC Insights

The "Identical or Confusingly Similar" RequirementA Domain Name Holder's "Rights or Legitimate Interests"

HKIAC Insight on "Bad Faith"Experts' Insight on Key Concerns of a Virtual Hearing

Halliburton: Problem Solved - or Problems Created?Capture the Latest Greater Bay Area Opportunities with Hong Kong as Your Arbitration Hub

The Efficiency and Effectiveness of International Arbitration with HKIACRecent Development in Asia - Spain- LatAm Dispute Resolution
Role of Experts and How to Manage Expert WitnessesAsk the experts: Cybersecurity and Domain Name Misuse
Arbitration of Intellectual Property DisputesPatrick Pearsall in conversation with David W. Rivkin and Sarah Grimmer
Protecting your interest through interim relief from Mainland Chinese courtsThe Rise of Cryptocurrency


HKIAC Chinese Arbitration Insight Series

Foreign-related Elements and Governing Law Under Chinese LawsThe seat of arbitration and foreign arbitration institutions administering arbitrations in Mainland China
Mainland China and investment arbitration

Obtaining interim measures and enforcement of awards in Mainland China


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