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Innoxcell Asia Symposium 2015

Innoxcell Asia Symposium (IAS 2015) is a 3-days-conference focusing on variety of Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance, eDiscovery, Litigation, Arbitration and White Collar Crime topics. Read more

14 Apr 2015 to 16 Apr 2015
Hong Kong

Lifecycle of India Focused Funds

The results of the parliamentary elections gave an absolute mandate to the new government. There is lot of optimism from foreign investors towards the India story. As expected, The Budget 2015 and significant reforms were announced on February 28. While the new government is expected to redefine the macroeconomic outlook, the regulators have also been pushing for a more enabling regulatory environment. Please join the team at Nishith Desai Associates on April 14, 2015 where we analyze the opportunities and challenges for funds looking to set up/invest in India or those considering an exit.Read more

14 Apr 2015
Hong Kong

CIArb Centenary Celebrations

We are on count down to the CIArb Centenary celebrations in 2015. CIArb is the only international ADR professional body that combines membership and training of ADR practitioners on a global basis.Read more

19 Mar 2015 to 21 Mar 2015
Hong Kong

How to Become a Sensational Tribunal Secretary

Recognised for the innovative introduction of its tribunal secretary services and guidelines at the 2014 GAR Awards, HKIAC would like to invite you to join us for an interactive programme answering all your questions on how to know, meet and exceed your arbitrators' expectations when acting as tribunal secretary.Read more

19 Mar 2015
Hong Kong

Deconstructing Infrastructure Projects

In the construction industry, disputes are an all too common and costly occurrence. This is equally true in the East and the West. A clear dispute avoidance strategy implemented throughout the life of a project from procurement to completion will assist parties to recognise and minimise situations where potential disputes arise.Read more

17 Mar 2015
United Kingdom

Emerging Trends in International Arbitration

While most of us are now familiar with basic arbitration concepts, this session touches upon more complex issues dealing with issues faced in each arbitration such as evidence, discovery and damages. Calculation of damages remains a potential minefield. This session will touch upon options that are available. Additionally, ad-hoc arbitration is slowly but surely being replaced by institutional arbitration in most large value contracts. We dissect the reasons for this evolution.Read more

13 Mar 2015

4th Annual LegalEra Conclave & Indian Legal Awards 2015

Theme: "Changing the business-legal landscape for 'MAKE IN INDIA' to succeed"

Conference Ideation focuses on How Pro Business laws can make invest in India - A Thumping Reality. Defining Business Regulations for economic growth.

Snapshots of discussions and debate are on E- commerce, Manufacturing, Aviation, Infrastructure, Energy, and Challenges for International Companies, Cross Border Practices and M&A.Read more

12 Mar 2015 to 13 Mar 2015

Tools for Managing Arbitral Proceedings

In today’s global marketplace, international transactions almost always involve provisions for international commercial arbitration.

The increased significance of Asian economies and sophistication of Asian parties, coupled with the maturation of arbitration infrastructure in Asia has led to the sharp rise in popularity of Asian arbitration institutions over the last decade.

Join Ms. Stackpool Moore, Managing Counsel of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) as she discusses innovative developments at HKIAC, one of the most well established and long standing institutions in the region, taking a closer look at how HKIAC is evolving to meet the increased demand for arbitration in Asia and best cater for the needs of its users. Read more

03 Feb 2015

How Parenting Coordinator Helps Reduce Post-Divorced Parents Conflicts?

This talk is focused on handling of the co-parenting disputes issue relating to mediation cases and “tips”.Read more

02 Feb 2015
Hong Kong

Tools for Managing Arbitral Proceedings

Join Ms. Stackpool Moore, Managing Counsel of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) as she discusses innovative developments at HKIAC, one of the most well established and long standing institutions in the region, taking a closer look at how HKIAC is evolving to meet the increased demand for arbitration in Asia and best cater for the needs of its users. Read more

30 Jan 2015

Asia: Sustainable Development in a World of Change

The annual AFF brings together some of the most influential members of the global financial and business communities to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia and beyond. The seventh edition held in January 2014 featured more than 100 distinguished speakers and over 2,400 participants from 41 countries and regions.Read more

19 Jan 2015 to 20 Jan 2015
Hong Kong

Online Protection: Tips on New gTLDs Dispute Resolution

Since the launch of the New gTLD programme by ICANN in 2013, more than 450 New gTLDs have been delegated and introduced to the Internet. How to resolve domain name disputes concerning the rolling out New gTLDs becomes a hot topic in the domain name arena.Read more

12 Jan 2015
Hong Kong

Final Review of International Arbitration 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, HKIAC and LCIA invite you to look back upon the year and review important developments in the arbitration community which are sure to impact our practice in 2015. Further, we invite some of Korea's top arbitration mentors to dispense valuable advice to young arbitration practitioners on how to advance one's career in the increasingly complex and competitive world of international arbitration.Read more

12 Dec 2014
Hong Kong

Business of IP Asia Forum 2014

Jointly organised by the Government of the HKSAR, HKTDC and Hong Kong Design Centre, the 4th Edition of Business of Intellectual Property Asia Forum (BIP Asia) is returning on 4-5 December 2014 with the exciting theme: “Intellectual Property: Powering Business Expansion”.Read more

04 Dec 2014 to 05 Dec 2014
Hong Kong

The Rule of Law in the context of International Arbitration - A Judge’s Perspective

The rule of law and judicial independence have been the foundation for Hong Kong’s success as one of the leading seats of arbitration in the world. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, Hong Kong was ranked the fourth of 148 jurisdictions worldwide and the first in Asia for judicial independence. HKIAC is privileged to have Lord Hoffmann share his views on the interplay between the rule of law, judicial independence and arbitration in Hong Kong.Read more

04 Dec 2014
Hong Kong

Casablanca Arbitration Days

The IBA Arbitration Committee, together with the Casablanca International Mediation and Arbitration Centre (CIMAC), the ICC International Court of Arbitration (ICC), the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), the London Court of International Arbitration (ICLA) and Wolters Kluwer, are supporting this event to provide an opportunity for prominent lawyers and decision-makers to discuss the future of Casablanca as a place for arbitration in Africa, and to increase knowledge and discuss issues of shared interest in an open environment.Read more

28 Nov 2014 to 29 Nov 2014

ICCC 2014

The International Conference “Urban Adaptation to Climate Change – building resilience in the world’s major cities” will provide a timely and useful platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas for meteorogical organizations to devise more accurate early warning systems for extreme weather events.Read more

27 Nov 2014 to 29 Nov 2014
Hong Kong

Corporate Legal Excellence

The Corporate Legal Excellence conference is designed for legal counsels and senior level professionals from the legal, compliance, risk and divisions with practical insights from industry practitioners and the impact of duties and remedies in the increasing regulation of the profession.Read more

24 Nov 2014

Kaplan Lecture: When Power Corrupts, Poetry Cleanses

Join The Honourable L Yves Fortier, PC CC OQ QC Ad. E. LLD on the annual Kaplan Lecture as he discusses the ever increasing problem of corruption in the context of International Arbitration.Read more

20 Nov 2014
Hong Kong

3rd Annual Korea International Arbitration Summit is the world’s leading online resource for international arbitration research. It contains a wealth of commentary from expert authors and an extensive collection of primary source materials. Plus, as a subscriber you gain access to exclusive materials including ICC cases and awards.Read more

20 Nov 2014

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