HKDRP Decisions on or prior to 31 Dec 2019

HKDRP Decisions (.hk) on or prior to 31 Dec 2019

Case NoComplainantDomain NameDecision
DHK-1900168 Klook Travel Technology Limited klook.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1900165 Bluestack Systems, Inc.bluestacks.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1900164 MIS Quality Management Corp.moodys.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1900163 Puma SEpuma.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1900162 The Ddrops Company Name be cancelled
DHK-1800160 Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporationfirefox.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1800159 Tencent Holdings Name Transfer
DHK-1800157 Name Transfer
DHK-1800156 Helen of Troy Name Transfer
DHK-1800155 Fareportal Inc.cheapoair.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1800154IDT Telecom Asia Pacific Rejected
DHK-1800153 Water Pik, Inc. and Dorsey & Name Transfer
DHK-1800152 Asia Television Limitedmissasia.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700151 1. Alibaba Group Holding Limited & 2. Alibaba Group Services (Bundled Domain Name 支付寶香港.香港)Domain Name Transfer
DHK-1700150 Alibaba Group Holding (Bundled Domain Name 支付寶香港.香港)Domain Name Transfer
DHK-1700149 1. COLONIAL SERVICES PTY LTD 2. First State Investments (Hong Kong) Limited Name Transfer
DHK-1700148 XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltdxcmgmachinery.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700147 1. Pentair plc 2. Pentair Filtration Solutions, LLCeverpurewater.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700146 Water Pik, Name Transfer
DHK-1700145 1. Pentair plc 2. Pentair Pacific Rim Name Transfer
DHK-1700144 PuraPharm International (H.K.) Limitednongs.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700143 Tencent Holdings Limited騰訊控股有限公司wechat.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700142 Qualtrics, LLCqualtrics.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700141 DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KGdpdgroup.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700140 Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA LLCalamorentacar.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1700139 ASOS plcasos.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1600138 Spring International (HK) Development Name Transfer
DHK-1600137 N.V. Nutriciaprofutura.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1600136 Nutricia International Name Cancel
DHK-1600135 N.V. Name Cancel
DHK-1600134 Tencent Holdings Name Transfer
DHK-1600133 Siu Siu Style Company Limiteddoughnut.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1600132 DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KGdpd.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1600131AdWiFi Holding Withdrawn
DHK-1600130 騰訊控股有限公司wechatpay.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1600129 1. Nike Innovate C.V. 2. NIKE HONG KONG Name Transfer
DHK-1600128 1. 深圳大疆创新科技有限公司 2. iFlight Technology Company Name Transfer
DHK-1600127 Spring International (HK) Development Limitedhouseofhello.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500126 Television Broadcasts Limitedmytvb.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500125 NBA Properties, Inc.nbastore.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1500124 Vpower Engineering (Shenzhen)vpower.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500123 1. EATALY S.R.L. 
eataly.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500122 International Finance Centre Management Company Limitedifcshop.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500121 克里斯蒂‧曼森及伍德斯有限公司 (CHRISTIE MANSON & WOODS LIMITED)chritrs.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500120 Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbHjardiance.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1500119 1. PJS International S.A. 2. Ape & Partners S.p.A.parajumpers.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1500118 United Way Investments Limitednewtownplaza.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400117 1. 御美株式会社(M & M Company Limited)  2. Waimanly International Rejected
DHK-1400116 1. TWITTER, INC.  2. TWITTER HONG KONG Name Transfer
DHK-1400115 The Hongkong Land Company, Limitedlandmarkshop.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1400114 Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA LLCalamocar.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400113 Enterprise Holdings, Inc.enterprize.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1400112 1. Guess?, Inc 2. GUESS? ASIA Name Transfer
DHK-1400111 Guess?, Incguess.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400110 LEGO Hong Kong Name Transfer
DHK- 1400109 1. 御美株式会社(M & M Company Limited)  2. Waimanly International Rejected
DHK-1400108 Conair Name Cancel
DHK- 1400107 Swire Properties Limitedpacificplaceshop.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400106 HYSAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITEDlee- gardens.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400105 MEAD JOHNSON & COMPANY, LLC.meizanchen.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1400104 The Hongkong Land Company, Limitedlandmarkshopping.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1300103 TPR Education IP Holdings, LLCprincetonreview.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300102 Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland) GmbHaraldite.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300101 Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. (珠海市魅族科技有限公司)meizu.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300100 WhatsApp Inc.whatsapp.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300099 Twin Disc, Incorporatedtwindisc.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300098Twitter Inctwitter.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK- 1300097 1.Newegg Trading Limited  2.Newegg Name Transfer
DHK- 13000961.Newegg Trading Limited  2.Newegg Withdrawn
DHK-1300095 WhatsApp Name Transfer
DHK- 1300094 Arena Pharmaceuticals Gmbhbelviq.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300093 Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.specialized.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK-1300092 Google Name Transfer
DHK-1300091Andes International Holdings Withdrawn
DHK- 1300090 Tommy Bahama Group, Inc.tommybahama.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1300089 Etude Name Transfer
DHK-1300088 Etude Name Transfer
DHK-1300087 Etude Corporationetude.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200086 Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.salvatoreferragamo.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1200085 Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.ferragamo.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200084 VEMMA NUTRITION COMPANYvemma.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200083 NORMALU Name Transfer
DHK-1200082 MetaQuotes Software Corp.metatrader.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200081 Guccio Gucci Name Transfer
DHK- 1200080 Standard Perpetual Precious Metals Limitedstandardperpetual.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200079 RENAT FATKHULLINmetatrader.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK- 1200078 Orange Brand Services Limitediorange.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1200077 Schonbek World Lighting, Inc.schonbek.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1200076 Schonbek World Lighting, Name Transfer
DHK-1200075 Golla Name Transfer
DHK-1200074Zhejiang Supor Co., Withdrawn
DHK-1200073 1. Alibaba Group Holding Limited
2. Alibaba Group Services Limited Name Transfer
DHK-1200072Alibaba Group Holding Limitedtmall.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK- 1100071 GAULMEjeanpaulgaultier.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100070 AATC TRADING Name Transfer
DHK- 1100069 CHANELchanel.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100068 Paul Frank Industries, Incpaulfrank.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100067 SEARS BRANDS, LLCsears.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100066 KMART CORPORATIONkmart.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100065 微 软公司microsoftstore.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100064 KEMET Electronics Name Transfer
DHK-1100063 ESMODesmod.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1100062Yeung Man Sek Edmond360.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK-1000061 BABOLAT VSbabolat.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK- 1000060 Mattel, Inc ("Mattel")barbie.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1000059 Mattel, Inc ("Mattel")mattel.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1000058 Multiple Listing Service Rejected
DHK-1000057 Limited1688.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-1000056 Alibaba Group Holding Limitedtaobao.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 1000055 Seven Towns Name Transfer
DHK-1000054 ETRO S.P.A.etro.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900053 华为技术 有限公司huaweimobile.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900052 (1) BACCARAT SA
DHK- 0900051 (1) Pfizer Inc.
(2) Pfizer Products Inc.
(3) Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited
pfizer.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900050 Nervous Tattoo, Inc.edhardyshop.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900049JUICY COUTURE, Withdrawn
DHK-0900048 Eucalyptus Bio-Technology Co., Rejected
DHK-0900047 Alibaba Group Holding Limitedalibaba.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900046 Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd.suntechpower.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 0900045 Wynn Resorts Holdings, Name Transfer
DHK-0900044 招聘网络有限公司zhaopin.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK-0900043 克里斯蒂.曼森及伍德斯有限公司jiashide.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0900042 AXA SAaxa.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800041(1) 百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司
(2) 北京百度网讯科技有限公司
baidu.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK-0800040 (1) 百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司
(2) 北京百度网讯科技有限公司
(3) 百度(香港)有限公司 Name Transfer
DHK-0800039 CHOW PUI Name Transfer
DHK- 0800038 ALDI GmbH & Co. KGALDI.HKDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800037 Disney Enterprises, Inc.迪士尼樂園.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800036 Disney Enterprises, Inc.香港迪士尼.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800035Job Market Publishing Limitedheadlinejob.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK-0800034 Microsoft Corporation微软.hk / 微 軟.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800033 Las Vegas Sands Corporationvenitian.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800032 RCG Corporation Limitedrcg.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800031 EVERPURE, Rejected
DHK- 0800030 China Network communications Group Corporationcnc.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800029 China Network communications Group Corporationchinanetcom.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0800028 Name Transfer
DHK-0700027 Las Vegas Sands Corp.weinisi.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700026 Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLCwynn.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700025 Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLCwynnhk.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700024 Atmel corporationatmel.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK- 0700023 PRODUITS BERGER lampeberger.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700022RCG Corporation Limited rcg.hkCase Withdrawn
DHK-0700021 Skype Limitedskype.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700020 Uwants Company Limited Name Transfer
DHK-0700019 eXpansys (Hong Kong) Limitedexpansys.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700018 AOL LLC aol.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700017 Compiere, Inccompiere.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700016 Xerox Corporation xerox.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700015 ThreeSixtySourcing Inc threesixty.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0700014 BASF AKTIENGESELLSCHAFTbasf.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0600013 Skype Hong Kong Limited skype.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK-0700012 VeriSign, Inc. verisign.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0600011 VeriSign, Inc. verisign.hkComplaint Rejected
DN-0600017 Store Friendly Name Transfer
DHK-0600010 Birdland (Hong Kong) Limitedkfc.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK- 0500009 Expedia, Incexpedia.hkComplaint Rejected
DN-0500016 Hallmart Rejected
DHK-0500008 Grundfos A/Sgrundfos.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0500006 HMV (IP) Limitedhmv.hkDomain Name Transfer
DN-0500015 www.lucky- Rejected
DHK-0400005 (King Fung Electronics Company Limited)kf.hkComplaint Rejected
DHK-0400004 Adidas-Salomon AGadidas.hkDomain Name Transfer
DHK-0400001 Shui On Construction and Materials Limitedshuion.hkDomain Name Cancel
DN- 0300011 InfoLink Name Transfer
DN-0300009 PCCW-HKT Limited and Electronic Payment Services Co. (H.K.) Rejected
DN-0300008 Sony Computer Entertainment Rejected
DN- 0200006 Management Reports International (H.K.) Name Transfer
DN-0200005 Management Reports International (H.K.) Name Transfer
0207-0003 Banyan Tree Name Transfer
0107-0002 Lycos Asia (HK) Name Transfer
0106-0001 Outblaze Name Transfer

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