HKIAC Guidelines for Virtual Hearings

15 May 2020

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15 May 2020


HKIAC Guidelines for Virtual Hearings

Based on its experience of administering multiple virtual hearings, HKIAC has produced guidelines for conducting virtual hearings (Guidelines). The Guidelines aim to ensure participants experience a seamless and effective virtual hearing. They apply to hearings that are fully or partially virtual. HKIAC’s virtual hearing services may be used for arbitrations administered by HKIAC and those that are not. 

The full text of the Guidelines can be found here

Full information on HKIAC’s virtual hearing services is available here, and details of HKIAC’s recent experience administering virtual hearings can be found here.

Watch the HKIAC Webinar on Virtual Hearings  

Watch a comprehensive overview of the key decisions virtual hearing participants need to make in terms of procedure and technology. IT and legal experts cover the most common questions asked, concerns raised, and offer effective solutions.

You can watch the webinar here

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