HKIAC Launches Dedicated Virtual Hearing Suite

01 Aug 2020

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01 Aug 2020

HKIAC Launches Dedicated Virtual Hearing Suite

In response to high demand for virtual hearing services, HKIAC launches a dedicated virtual hearing suite from its premises in Hong Kong. 

The bespoke suite features state-of-the art equipment to cater for all virtual hearing needs. Designed to be flexible, scalable and modular, HKIAC’s virtual hearing suite includes the following:

  • Multi-camera system with multiple viewing angles of room participants; 360-degree views of the hearing room; camera presets for arbitrators, counsel, witnesses, and others to allow split-second screen changes;
  • 75”, 4k-resolution wall mounted screens providing large views of remote participants;
  • 43”, 4k-resolution floor-mounted screens providing large, unobstructed views of participants and/or documents;
  • Mobile display screens that providing additional visibility for participants and/or documents;
  • Wireless microphone system catering for all room configurations and providing amplification without feedback; and
  • Expert support for all videoconferencing solutions, and the ability to interface with all major videoconferencing software platforms.

In addition to the virtual hearing suite, users of HKIAC’s virtual hearing services will benefit from a state-of-the-art audio-visual system allowing for: displays to be plugged in at multiple points in any hearing room; the ability to handle dozens of linked devices; a closed network that protects against unwarranted interception of video feeds; a dedicated broadband line for videoconferencing systems; and fast internet and WiFi systems for general use by hearing participants.

HKIAC aims to ensure parties and tribunals experience a seamless and effective virtual hearing. An expert IT and dispute resolution support team offers pre-hearing consultations, and dedicated hearing managers are assigned to each hearing. To date HKIAC has successfully conducted 40 fully or partially virtual hearings, some of which involve numerous participants and jurisdictions. As a result of our expertise, users can rest assured that their virtual hearing needs will be met by HKIAC.

For more information, contact a member of the team here.

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