Enforcement of Awards

Caseload and enforcement statistics for Hong Kong and HKIAC

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Enforcement of Awards in Hong Kong: 2021




No of applications to enforce arbitral awards

No of applications to set aside order granting leave

No of orders set aside

Name of Appointing Authority

No of applications granted

1American Arbitration Association220
2Beijing Arbitration Commission300
3CIETAC (Beijing)1320
4CIETAC (Shanghai)2210
Guangzhou Arbitration Commission
6Hong Kong 31811
7Hong Kong Arbitration Society100
8Hong Kong (HKIAC) 4410
9JAMS 5110
10Korean Commercial Arbitration Board110
11London 6200
12Netherlands Arbitration Institute110
13Russia 7100
14SCIA 8901
15Shanghai Arbitration Commission110
16SIAC 9 200
17Shenzhen Arbitration Association100
18Shenzhen Arbitration Commission110
19Zhanjiang Arbitration Commission011
As at 31-12-2021​
  1. China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission (Beijing)
  2. China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission (Shanghai)
  3. Sole Arbitrator / Arbitrators, Hong Kong
  4. Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)
  5. Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services Inc (United Kingdom)
  6. Arbitrators, London
  7. Sole Arbitrator, Russia
  8. South China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission (also known as Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration)
  9. Singapore International Arbitration Centre

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