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The HKIAC Secretariat is comprised of legal and administrative staff of diverse nationalities who can work in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, Filipino, Japanese, Greek, German). The Secretariat is divided into three teams: arbitration; alternative dispute resolution (or ADR) which focuses on mediation, adjudication and domain name dispute resolution; and business development. HKIAC’s legal staff are highly qualified individuals admitted in both civil and common law jurisdictions with experience in international commercial, investment, and inter-State arbitration. HKIAC’s legal staff are available for appointment as tribunal secretaries.

Sarah Grimmer

Joe Liu
Managing Counsel
Karen Tan
Business Development Director
Kiran Sanghera
Business Development Deputy Director
James Ng
Jay Santiago
Christina Charemi
Ziyi Huang
Deputy Counsel
Carrie Shang
Acting Chief Representative Shanghai Office
Sam Wei
ADR Case Manager
Mandy Wong
ADR Case Manager
Kirti Ladharam
Marketing & Events Executive
Diana Li
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Debbie Chong
Operations Officer
(From Left to Right)
Sarah Choi, Natalie Yeung, Isabelly Lai, Ann Yim
Administrative staff
(From Left to Right)
Steven Wu, Cat Shum, Raj Brar, Reo Woo
Administrative staff

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